Regulation Rescue Intensive
Regulate your entire family from the brain-stem up.
  • Are you running out of patience?
  • Are you experiencing blocked care?
  • Does your child struggle to regulate his emotions?
  • Does your child struggle in social situations?
  • Does your child have learning disabilities or struggle academically?
  • Does your child take a long time to process what you say? Or struggle to communicate?
  • Does your child have noise sensitivity or other sensory processing struggles?
  • Does your family struggle with sleep?
Dysregulation originates in the lower, non-verbal parts of the brain which means that traditional talk therapy and behavior modification techniques will be mostly ineffective or even harmful. The Regulation Rescue uses a combination of bodywork and psychoeducation to help your whole family's nervous system feel more regulated and resilient.
Feel Better
Feel more safe, calm, grounded, and resilient.
Feel less irritable, anxious, and overwhelmed.
Think Better
Think with more clarity, attention, and creativity.
Be less rigid, disorganized, and distractible.
Connect Better
Connect more openly, genuinely, and wholly.
Be less guarded, distant, and oppositional.

The Regulation Rescue uses research-based modalities such as the Safe and Sound Protocol, innate rhythmic movements, and reflex integration to produce significant results in the following areas:

  • Social and emotional difficulties, including social anxiety
  • Auditory sensitivities
  • Speech and language
  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges
  • Behavior organization
  • Stressors that impact social engagement
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hypervigilance and dissociation
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic irritability and reactivity
  • Sleep and digestive patterns
  • Chronic pain and inflammatory conditions
  • Hyperarousal that affects therapeutic progress
  • Focus and attention
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What Parents Are Saying

I just overall feel more like the parent I want to be...a lot more margin for his issues...almost like I can step back from myself more easily and assess the situation. Then I can make a better decision in a stressful moment.

~Kristen, Adoptive Mom

I used to get angry easily when I was anxious. After SSP, I am way less angry and irritable.

~Tabby, Adoptive Mom

About Your Provider

As a Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner and bodywork coach, Melissa Corkum has helped hundreds of adoptive parents find brain-based solutions for challenging behaviors so they can laugh more and yell less. She and her husband, Patrick, have six kids by birth and adoption and two energetic grandkids. Melissa is also an adoptee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?
The investment is $425/month (with a minimum three-month commitment).*

This includes:

  • intake session
  • private coaching through the Reclaim Compassion roadmap
  • personalized SSP and movement programs for each person in the family
  • pre and post assessment services
  • access to the SSP app
  • unlimited Slack messages and support
  • 30-minute monthly check-in sessions

 *Membership in Reclaim Compassion is a pre-requisite ($49/month). 

What is the time commitment?
I know life is crazy, so I try to make this as accessible as possible. On the flip side, transformation requires time and intentionality. At a minimum, you'll need to set aside an average of 30 minutes three times a week.

The nervous system takes time to shift and change, so plan for a minimum of three months. I'm committed to working with you as along as it takes to achieve the transformation you're looking for.

What is the minimum age?
SSP and movement programs can be adapted for any age.

Do I have to be local to you to work with you?
No. I'm able to deliver services virtually to families all over the world.

Do you take insurance?
No. However, you may be able to use your HSA card to pay for services. Please check with your account manager or your medical provider.

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